Construction Progress: March 2018

WV Aerials Mar11-2018-2.jpg

Calgary just celebrated the first day of spring (even though Mother Nature may not have received the memo) and Westman Village is truly starting to take shape.

WV Aerials Mar11-2018-23.jpg

The Village Centre is now open and if you have purchased a home in Westman Village you have access to the amenities now. Want to find out how amazing this 40,000 sq. ft. facility really is? Book your tour of the Village Centre today.

WV Aerials Mar11-2018-10.jpg

Family members, in their safety gear, were able to do a preliminary walk through of their new homes in Lyric this past weekend.

Journey Club 1 is nearly complete, with possessions scheduled for this summer! We even have 4 show suites open onsite! Visit the Presentation Centre for access and to learn about the single greatest thing to happen to retirement and active adult living.

WV Aerials Mar11-2018-10-1.jpg

Calligraphy II is now selling and owners will enjoy lake views in each and every unit. 

Want to see what Westman Village will look like when it's completed? Explore our website and view the breathtaking renderings and videos. 

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