How to Start a Lunch Club

Yes, you really mean it when you say, ‘let’s do lunch’! Lunch is a time to take a break from everything in the morning, collect your thoughts, and boost your energy with a delicious meal. A lunch club is a great way to keep in touch with friends or make new ones.

Find your ladies who lunch

You could start with a group of existing friends, or you could use it to meet new people. If it’s a group of friends, send out an invite well in advance and pick a place that is convenient for everyone. If you are looking to make new friends, you could ask each of your friends to invite a guest you’ve never met before. Want to start from scratch? You could also organize a Meetup type group online (just be sure that one is hosted at some place other than your home).

What Do You All Have In Common?

This doesn’t have to be complicated, it could be a simple as catching up. However, some lunch clubs are designed for business women looking to network, or others will have an educational presentation and some even raise money for a charity. You could also start one for a group with similar interests. Maybe you’re all entrepreneurs or new moms or knitters.

Your Place or Mine?

Decide where you want to host. You could make a reservation at a great new restaurant. Maybe it’s a last course potluck where everyone shares their favorite dessert. Perhaps your inner hostess is simply dying to have the ladies over for lunch?

And lastly, but certainly not least, be sure to have fun! Even if your lunch club has some business on the agenda, you want to ensure it’s an event that you and your guests will enjoy, and look forward to again and again. Cheers!


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