Eating Local on a Budget

Make a Plan

Look at your week and decide how many meals you’ll need. Then pick the recipes you’d like to make, check for ingredients you have at home and make your shopping list.  A list will help keep you from buying things you don’t need.

Be Flexible

Now that you’ve made a plan, make sure you’re ok with adjusting it. This will allow you to take advantage of deals and promotions on locally grown food. Maybe you buy a different type of lettuce for your salad or change out a few toppings.

Know What Stuff Costs

Take a look at flyers and prices for standard grocery stores and make notes about what fresh produce costs. Then when you’re at the farmer’s market you’ll know whether the price is fair.

Take It All In

Prices will vary from one producer to another. Walk the entire market before making any purchases.

Start Up A Conversation

Talk to the farmers and producers. Not only will you get to know where your food is coming from, you could score a deal. Do they offer discounts for weekly shoppers? Maybe they discount everything at the end of the day or weekend? Perhaps they discount items that are a little bruised or misshapen?

Test ‘em All

Every farmers’ market and grocer is different. Some have better prices while others have better selection. Try out a few or switch things up from week to week.

Try A Subscription

Did you know that you can have local and organic groceries delivered right to your door? Services like select produce and healthy groceries from local farmers, let you shop online and deliver it to your home. They also have intro offers for first time shoppers.


Ready to put your local shopping skills to the test? Try these 3 recipes that highlight local ingredients from Calgary chef, Ryan Blackwell.

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South Calgary is booming with local markets. In addition to being a short drive from the growers themselves, communities like Mahogany are filled with grocery stores that bring in lots of local produce.

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