Cooking with Seasonal Produce

The price of fruits and vegetables vary throughout the year depending on when each is in season. By cooking with fruits and vegetables in season, not only will you get a better price, but you’ll enjoy the fruit or veggie when it’s at its best!

Why Shop Seasonally?

For starters, everything just tastes better because it’s fresher, sweeter and perfectly ripe. It’s also cheaper, higher in nutritional value, free of overseas contaminates and more environmentally friendly.

Know What’s In Season

Calgary has a wonderful variety of fruits and veggies throughout the year. Here is a handy chart from the Calgary Farmers’ Market that breaks down what vegetables are in season when: What Vegetables and Fruit Are In Season 

Start A Recipe Collection

So you’ve found a great recipe for Rhubarb Pie, but Rhubarb isn’t in season. Save your recipe and begin organizing each one by season.

Yes You Can, Can

Enjoy your favorite fruits and veggies year-round! Canning, pickling and preserving are a great way to keep produce around, even when it’s not in season. You can find cooking classes around the city that will teach you the ins and outs of canning and preserves.

The Freezer Is Your Friend

Just because strawberries aren’t available year-round doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them in December. Prepare batches of your favorite meals or desserts and freeze them for later. You can even freeze the individual fruit or veggie.

Stock Up

When your favorite fruit or veggie is in season, enjoy it! If you can’t wait until Cherry season, then when it finally arrives eat cherries all day every day (ok, maybe not all day). Plus, look for recipes that highlight your favorites.


Ready to get cooking? Try these 3 free recipes from local Calgary Chef, Ryan Blackwell.

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South Calgary is booming with local markets chocked full of seasonal vegetables and fruits. In addition to being a short drive from the growers themselves, communities like Mahogany are filled with grocery stores that bring in lots of local produce. 

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