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Get to know Westman Village

Is Westman Village a retirement community?
Not at all! Did you know: *The average age of our residents is 59. *15% of residents are under the age of 49. *1/3 of our residents are between the ages of 41 and 60. We are proud to have multiple generations living and playing in our community!
What if I'm with a realtor?
That is great news. We are happy to work with Realtors, please let us know when you arrive at our presentation centre, so they can complete our Real Estate Client Registration Form. This includes everything they need to know about our commission rates and working with our sales team to ensure you have the best possible experience.

Would you like a tour of our stunning show homes?

Visit or call the Westman Village Presentation Centre today!
1955 Mahogany BLVD SE
Phone: 587.350.0237

Down Payment Savings Plan

We offer flexible payment options! Learn more about our Down Payment Savings Plan and how it can work for you!

With the Down Payment Savings Plan, we allow you to put as little as 2.5% down with a signed purchase agreement, with proof that you have the financial means to complete the remaining 2.5% down within 2-5 months. This allows you to secure the home and lot you love, while making it easier to achieve home ownership.


How do I know if the Down Payment Savings Plan Program will work for me?

Usually the Down Payment Savings Plan Program works best for home buyers who:

  • Already have 80-90% of their down payment saved or available to them
  • Have the financial means or access to funds to save the remaining amount over a 2-5 month period (usually about $1,500–$2,500 a month to save beyond your current budget)
  • Are in stable, committed employment

What else is important to know?

  • Your mortgage must be approved and funded through Jayman Financial, Jayman BUILT’s exclusive mortgage brokering service.
  • The amount of time we provide to pay down your remaining 2.5% depends on the planned time of your home build. This can range from 2-5 months, with 2-3 months build time being the most common.
  • Your down payment must be paid in full prior to a designated date in advance of the possession of your home.

Your Jayman Financial team and your sales team in your preferred community will work with you to find the best interest rate and the best terms for your particular home buying needs. Contact the Westman Village Sales Team today to learn more about qualifying for the Down Payment Savings Plan program.