Butterfly Care Homes at Journey Club Seniors' Residences

The Journey Club Memory Care Program features the world-renowned dementia care model known as Butterfly Care Homes. This very unique, person-centered care program is based on the Meaningful Care Matters model and is all about returning dementia support back to the real essence of care.

The Butterfly Care Homes are focused on ensuring that the real feeling of mattering is at the core of care. It is about establishing the heart of compassion as their central priority and moving away from the emphasis on nursing tasks and procedures. The Butterfly Care Homes at Journey Club are real homes, places to be celebrated, where there are passionate leaders, heartfelt staff, engaging environments and true family involvement.

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Dementia Care Matters Philosophy

Dementia Care Matters were founded by Dr. David Sheard in 1995, built on the foundations of the Feelings Matter Most model. Over the last 30 years, Dr. Sheard has developed a reputation as a challenging and motivation speaker and leading dementia care consultant in the UK, Ireland, USA and Canada. After 15 years in health and social services in specialist dementia care posts, Dementia Care Matters was founded, with the purpose to demonstrate that dementia care is about emotional care and that this is no different to what we all need in life. Dr. Sheard has been appointed as a Visiting Senior fellow in the School of Health and Social Care, University of Surrey and holds an Honorary degree award of Doctor of the University (DUniv).

“Our mission is to prove that dementia care could be very different from (the current) containment model, from a model that is just about physical safety and a model that is about sedating people in order to respond to their behaviours,” Dr. David Sheard.

For more information please visit DementiaCareMatters.com

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